Book Review – The Susan Effect

The Susan Effect by Peter Hoeg (Harvill Seeker) ISBN: 9781910701300

What if everyone who met you felt compelled to tell you their innermost thoughts, secrets and desires? Would that be a handy power to have? For Susan Svendsen it has been the thing that has set her apart. Susan can find out your secrets without even trying.

Susan has used this ability to assist her in her studies, career and personal life, often with no regard for the consequences of her actions. That all changes when she is arrested on a family trip to India and her family is thrown into turmoil. Facing imprisonment, she is approached with a remarkable offer from a former government official. Do one more job for them and all charges will be dropped.

What Susan will find out is that some people will go to great lengths to ensure that she does not uncover any secrets that the Future Committee holds.

The Susan Effect is a dry, witty and sharply written crime caper story that surprises.

Merissa Himraj

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