Book Review – The Startup Way

The Startup Way by Eric Ries (Portfolio Penguin) ISBN 9780241197264

The Startup Way is a follow-up to The Lean Startup which looked at concepts such as minimum viable products (MVPs) and pivoting which altered the way startups looked at the business of entrepreneurship.

Since then, The Harvard Entrepreneur in Residence, Eric Ries, has been working with General Electric and Toyota to make them more entrepreneurial in the way they conduct business. In this new book, the author gives some tools, stories, and best practices to adapt to change and thrive in challenging markets and economic uncertainty.

This book is written in an easy-to-follow style and any person who is an employee, employer, entrepreneur or wanna-be entrepreneur should read it. Use it as a guidebook. Take what you like and leave the rest. And join the global movement.

Amanda Blankfield-Koseff

Posted on: 2nd January 2018