Book Review – The Snow Rose

by Lulu Taylor (Pan) ISBN 978-1-4472-9098-8

History repeats itself when an unbearable, tragic accident leaves Kate with no option but to run away and seek solace at a splendid mansion with deeply hidden family secrets. These secrets are cracked wide open when Kate meets the two sisters who live in the small modest cottage on the estate. The sisters tell Kate what happened in the family years ago and in so doing helps Kate face the real truth in her own life.

Lulu Taylor takes us on a journey through generations of a family, then and now. The story is about cults, power, money, obsession, loss, disappointment, and ultimately, forgiveness. There is always someone who knows the truth. Or do they?

The Snow Rose is a compelling, gripping and beautifully written story. The way that Lulu Taylor describes the mansion, the snow laden pathways and the mystical lake on the estate is just so intense. Such a talented writer and certainly a brilliant read. I highly recommend this one.

Tracy-Ann Damons

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Posted on: 28th May 2017