Book Review – The Lost Girl

The Lost Girl by Carol Drinkwater (Penguin) ISBN: 9780718183103

Book Review – The Lost Girl

Since her daughter, Lizzie went missing four years earlier, celebrated photographer Kurtiz Ross has been alone. She has blamed and isolated herself, until an unexpected sighting of Lizzie is made in Paris.

Within hours of arriving in Paris, the City of Light is plunged into hell when a series of terrorist attacks bring the city to a standstill. Amid the chaos, a sympathetic stranger, Marguerite Courtney, an actress, offers to help Kurtiz find her daughter.

Marguerite’s kindness, along with her stories of her own love and loss in post-war Provence, restores Kurtiz’s hope, bringing the unexpected.

The Lost Girl is a gut wrenching story written by a compassionate author. The settings, from Paris to the French countryside, are beautifully described.

Dee Andrew

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