Book Review – The Last One

by Alexandra Oliva (Michael Joseph) ISBN: 9781405923170

Zoo needs one last adventure before she settles down to domestic bliss which is why she signed up for this show. The premise to the series is ground-breaking. A melding of real world meets reality where nothing is over-staged and contestants are in real situations with only hints and clues thrown in along the way to assist them.

Set in the world of reality TV, The Last One explores what happens when twelve contestants take on a challenge like no other. Primed to give off their best and determined to win, contestants have no idea that life outside of their carefully filmed environment is also shifting and changing, while they duel it out for survival.

Zoo is soon a fan-favourite working with fellow contestants to make it through each episode. Having found it easy to navigate at first, she begins to question why props seem uncharacteristically realistic and gruesome and clues and assistance seem to be scarce.

Off camera a horrific scenario unfolds, forever altering the external landscape. The Last One is a spectacular look at our obsession with reality television, and a brilliant commentary on real life versus manufactured scenarios.

Merissa Himraj

Posted on: 28th November 2016