Book Review – The Inheritance

by Katie Agnew (Orion) ISBN: 9781409124917

Sophia Beaumont Brown, the epitome of good girl gone bad, has led a privileged life, now marred by drugs and alcohol. Cut off from her family, Sophia continues to live a party girl existence with her best friend Hugo.

Her grandmother, dying of terminal cancer, reaches out to Sophia through a series of memoir letters and chronicling the tale of an exquisite pearl necklace. Sophia’s grandmother expresses her need to see the pearl necklace one last time and so Sophia, with a renewed sense of life, sets off to track it down.

I loved the themes of family and life purpose, of love and dedication spread throughout the book. As Sophia moves from her lonely and empty existence to one of redemption, I couldn’t help but cry through the last few chapters.

It is a beautifully written book that will keep you hooked until the end so that you cannot help but cheer for Sophia, shed tears with her, and feel some part of you is her. 

Bernadette King

Posted on: 26th September 2016