Book Review – The Incest Diary

The Incest Diary by Anonymous (Bloomsbury Circus) ISBN 978-1-4088-9043-1

Book Review – The Incest Diary

It’s reported that women who are molested do everything in their power to escape from their violators. But not this author. Not from her father who molested her from the age of three until into her twenties, even when she realises her mother and brother knew what was going on.

She confronts her father about their incestuous relationship and he responds by saying that she seduced him when she was little. She reminds him that she was just a toddler when he began molesting her.

She also confides in a well-respected family friend, Katherine, and tells her what has been happening. Katherine tells her that she too was molested as a child and that her parents knew and did nothing about it. Katherine tells her to: “Get over it. Don’t talk about it. Forget it and get over it. These are things to forget and get over”.

This author could escape but she couldn’t and didn’t. It was too late. Her story is explicit, disturbing, heart-wrenching and courageous.

Tracy-Ann Damons

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