Book Review – The Good Daughter

The Good Daughter by Alexandra Burt (Avon) ISBN: 978-0-00-822085-3

A young jogger stumbles across a gruesome find in the woods. In tandem with the complexity of her tumultuous childhood memories and her desire to decipher those, she suffers seizure-inducing concussion. This woodland horror whispers of another, survived by her unstable mother years ago.

An array of storylines blurs through this crime novel, rendering its following tedious. Characters survive intense physical and emotional trauma, desperately searching for and fleeing from the truth. Dialogue seems unnatural, which often stunts the flow.

Adding to the dissonance is the range of settings. The story flits endlessly between the past and present, and moves inside the car from Texas to New Mexico, to countless dingy motels, Aurora, the menacing woods, and the hospital. The story left me yearning for stability.

Moments of Alexandra Burt’s brilliant descriptions fade in the whirr of her elaborate plot. If the author’s aim was to drag me into the sciamachy that is the characters’ lives, I must concede that she succeeded. I am left nothing short of fatigued after this read.

Michèle Meyer

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