Book Review – The Fireman

by Joe Hill (Gollancz) ISBN: 978-0-575-13071-5

A new disease is destroying mankind – an incurable spore that kills by causing spontaneous combustion in the host. There is no cure for Dragonspore, and once you have the mark, it’s only a matter of time before the Cremation Squad hunts you down.

Ever positive and unflappable, Harper Grayson is three months pregnant when she becomes marked to burn. With some doctors stating that she could deliver a completely healthy baby, Harper becomes driven to protect her as yet unborn child. Hearing stories of a mysterious figure called The Fireman, Harper sets out to track him down, so that he can help her bring her baby to term.

Along her journey she befriends a group of people like her, scrappy survivors who refuse to be rounded up and killed, who take on the forces
hunting them in often violent clashes. 

The Fireman is an adventure story like no other, a keen observation of prejudice, government control, and the sheer determination of the human spirit. I loved this brilliant heart-warming read.

Merissa Himraj

Posted on: 30th November 2016