Book Review – The Energy Code

by Dr Ela Manga (MF Books Joburg) ISBN: 9781920601836

Modern stresses and career demands mean that more and more people are burning out or suffering from adrenal fatigue. How many times have you simply felt tired of being tired?

The Energy Code addresses our constant energy slumps, and delves into not only remedying the issues, but looks at the underlying behaviours that lead to burnout.

Well researched and laid out, The Energy Code packs quite a lot into just over 200-pages. I enjoyed the extremely relatable case studies as well as the step by step methods to self-improvement.

Using the techniques described in the book, I was able to take a really hard look at how my constant fluttering from one project to the next was actually depleting my energy. This behaviour prevented me delivering my best work. A further audit revealed that holding onto the past was directly affecting my current thought processes. Using the book I was able to start working on remedying my ways of working, and found that I was able to actually accomplish so much more.

The Energy Code makes no promises, but does help you uncover what is sapping your energy and how to get back to being in top form. Highly recommended.

Merissa Himraj

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Posted on: 1st September 2017