Book Review – The Dying Game

The Dying Game by Asa Avdic (Windmill) ISBN: 978-1-786-09021-8

The Dying Game is set in the year 2037 after another cold war. In the Protectorate of Sweden, an experiment is designed where seven individuals are placed in a remote island in Isola under the disguise of obtaining a role in the top secret RAN project.

One of the chosen people to participate in the experiment, is Anna Francis, a single mother suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from a recent mission in Kyzyl Kum. The request is simple, she has to fake her own murder and observe the candidate’s reaction to the murder. The brief relief she feels as she sees a familiar face on the first night soon disappears as people start to disappear one after the other.

Haunted by her past, and her recent mistakes in Kyzyl Kum, Anna fights to survive the island. She soon realises that her job won’t be as simple as she thought. Hidden agendas are revealed and she struggles to keep track of exactly what is going on. In the ultimate game of survival, the story is told mainly from two perspectives: Anna and Henry, with final interviews from all the participants.

I enjoyed the suspense throughout the whole book as well as the unexpected ending.

Alicia Sibanda

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Posted on: 27th September 2017