Book Review – The Dot Spot

The Dot Spot by Dorothy Black (MF Books)  ISBN 978 1 920601 54 5

From flying solo in the bedroom to understanding your ‘kink’ and the importance of tantric sex (or not) the dot spot kind of covers everything about sex and then some. Dorothy Black’s successful sex column over time has always had an enjoyable sticky connection with her audience, a personal yet private guide to sex and everything in-between. She is the big sister many young women need today.

Her book lost a few inches of excitement for me. Although it is well written and laid out as a step by step guide to dating, relationships and sex, there was no flirting or lustrous conversation making me want to come back for more, or leaving me day dreaming about our next encounter or what love could be waiting on the next page.

Hang on, that’s the point. It’s frank, informative and has some great guides and steps for those who are starting the exploration journey of their own sexuality.

Dorothy uses her non-judgemental and down to earth writing to communicate and create a relationship with her readers. The Dot Spot is most definitely a great guide to those starting out or moving into the next phase of their sexuality. There really isn’t a right or a wrong way to go about it. 

Tammany Barton
Posted on: 15th August 2016