Book Review – The Death Of Rex Nhongo

The Death Of Rex Nhongo by C.B George (Quercus) ISBN: 9781784292348

This story starts out with the mysterious death of General Solomon Mujuru also known as Rex Nhongo, General Solomon Mujuru was a powerful man and a hero of the Zimbabwean War of Independence. He was also the husband of Vice President Joice Mujuru.

The story unfolds shortly after Rex Nhongo’s death and the questions around how he died. The story continues with the daily lives of five families in Harare, Zimbabwe in 2011. Patson, a local and poor taxi driver finds a gun in the back seat of his taxi and hides it. From there on his life becomes intertwined with another four families living in Harare and their fight for survival, happiness and hope in the midst of lies and betrayal in a corrupt world.

C.B George does a good job with describing the characters with humour. The dialogue by the eight year old troubled daughter of one of the families is brilliantly executed. This is a great read. It is my first C.B. George book but certainly not the last one.

Tracy-Ann Damons

Posted on: 27th January 2016