Book Review – The Apartment

by Danielle Steel (Bantam Press) ISBN: 978-0-59306-909-7

The apartment, home to four talented and beautiful young women brought together by chance, is in Hell’s Kitchen, and the latest novel from America’s bestselling author pulses with the energy and excitement of New York City.

It is a coming-of-age tale as the four women find their feet in their careers and love lives. Claire, who finds the spacious and luminous loft apartment, is a shoe designer stuck in a job that is stifling her creative talents. She meets Abby who is in a relationship that is no good for her or her writing. Then Morgan, driven and serious about her job on Wall Street, joins them. The last to move in is Sasha. She is a medical student doing her residency at NYU Langone Medical Centre.

They discover that friends can become family, even closer than blood ties. The apartment becomes a hub for their family and friends and a nursery for their dreams.

The writing is light and effervescent, at times lacking depth in the characters and storyline. Steel fans will love her usual ingenuity at escapism. It is a sparkling read for a lazy weekend or holiday.

Ewa Fabris
Posted on: 5th June 2016