Book Review – The Accident Season

The Accident Season by Moïra Fowley-Doyle (Corgi) ISBN: 9780552571302

Descriptive, captivating and full of metaphors and twists, The Accident Season is perfect for any lover of vivid descriptions and enchanting stories of dark secrets and shrouded magic. Doyle manages to include mystery, romance, and supernatural action throughout this beautifully written book.

It’s October. Leaves are turning red and Halloween is a week away. In Ireland, 17-year-old Cara has to survive the last week of the accident season – the annual time during which her family undergoes a series of eerie accidents that leave them battered, bruised, grazed and, occasionally, broken. More than just bones will break and Cara and her friends and family will be thrown into the inferno of secrets that her family hides. But what are those secrets? What causes the accidents? And are some of the wounds caused by the air of October’s always real accidents?

I encourage any reader to dive into this book to find out! I enjoyed it to the point of compromising sleep to read further. It is well written and paints beautiful pictures in the mind of the reader by means of well-placed adjectives and metaphors. I definitely recommend it.

Kate De Villiers

Posted on: 14th April 2016