Book Review – Sugar-Free & Carb-Conscious Living

Sugar-Free & Carb-Conscious Living by Monique le Roux Forslund (Struik) ISBN: 9781432307738

Book Review – Sugar-Free & Carb-Conscious Living

This is a useful compilation of sugar-free and low-carb meals. This style of eating is increasingly where we are headed in terms of healthy living, despite the sad lack of sweet treats we are bound to experience by embracing it.

The book provides recipes and tantalising photographs of breakfasts, lunches and main meals as well as soups, salads and sauces. There are two special additions to the book which make it unique. Firstly, Forslund includes meal plans which help the reader apply the recipes to daily and weekly shopping and cooking. Secondly, Forslund shares success stories from a range of people. This provides a personal touch to what is essentially a DIY cook book.

I cooked the pork casserole with chorizo and olives and then tackled the savoury tart with the bacon, broccoli and feta cheese. Both meals turned out beautifully with relatively little fuss and I will definitely be using these recipes in future. There is however a glaring absence of a dessert section in the book which means it’s more of a reluctant and dutiful chore than a joy. However, needs must when it comes to health.

Justine Cullinan

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Posted on: 27th September 2017