Book Review – Sirens

by Joseph Knox (Doubleday) ISBN 9780857524348

Aidan Waits, a young detective, is summoned to David Rossiter’s penthouse. Rossiter is a well-known politician and his daughter Isabelle has run away again. Waits enters the nocturnal world of drug dealers and gangsters. During a party he meets Isabelle, who he finds to be an intelligent seventeen-year-old girl who is working with a notorious drug dealer.

Waits meets Zain Carver and plays a double agent who wants to uncover what’s behind the scenes at these parties. And so begins his nightmare. He himself is a user who has a troubled past, so he fits in well with the company he keeps. There is also an unsolved mystery of another woman who has been missing for years. Undercover cops are involved and it is difficult to tell who the good cops are.

Snooping around gangs is a dangerous game and the mystery begins to unravel with some ghastly consequences. This is an entertaining, dark, and entertaining debut novel, with a satisfying, well-rounded ending.

Dawn Blankfield

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