Book Review – Shopaholic To The Rescue

by Sophie Kinsella (Bantam Press) ISBN: 9780593074633

This is the eighth in Kinsella’s hugely popular Shopaholic series. If you’re like me you’re imagining Isla Fischer in Gucci stumbling around in designer heels as we embark on another of Becky Bloomwood Brandon’s adventures.

This time Becky finds herself in an RV headed to Las Vegas with a posse of characters that fans of the Shopaholic series know well. Becky’s father has disappeared on a mission to help an old friend and Becky’s BFF Suze’s husband has gone along for the ride.

With Suze and Mum up in arms about the secrecy of the mission Becky has to hatch a plan that will resolve her dad’s dutiful mission and bring him home before her mum loses the plot. Meanwhile Suze is having marriage problems, Becky’s two-year-old daughter Minnie wants nothing more than to ride a sheep and Becky is convinced her arch nemesis Alicia Bitch Long-Legs is up to something.

This is a humorous, harmless read worth forgetting on the beach as soon as you finish reading it.

Justine Cullinan

Posted on: 26th January 2016