Book Review – Seventeen

Seventeen by Hideo Yokoyama (riverrun) ISBN: 9781786484611

When an unmitigated air disaster grips a nation, Kazumasa Yuuki and his team are the people that bring that story to the world. Hidden behind the news stories, however lies a horror story of survival that no one will ever understand.

Seventeen introduces us to the frenetic world of news reporting in Japan, and a hero unlike any other. Yuuki is concerned not only about getting the story right, but also about the impact his words will have on the families of the victims of the crash. His stubbornness and unwillingness to sensationalise the air tragedy sets him up for many run-ins with his bosses.

As he leads his team of younger reporters, Yuuki treads a fine line between getting the story and getting fired. Seventeen years later Yuuki is forced to remember that fateful time, as he prepares to set out on a journey that will bring him full circle to the story that made his career.

Seventeen is a complex story based on true events. I found the book refreshing for its perspective on news reporting through an Eastern lens.

Merissa Himraj