Book Review – Selling Lipservice

by Tammy Baikie (Jacana) ISBN: 9781431424795

Selling Lipservice introduces us to Frith, who is forced to wear a Lipservice patch to write or speak. The patch produces words that are scripted by copywriters, which promote one or other brand, and form an alter ego for the user.

Frith also suffers from a disorder that allows her to taste things she touches, this sets her apart from the other brand slaves. Armed with her own discoveries she fights to regain autonomy from the patch, and launches a counter attack, which might not succeed. Will Big Brands win the day again?

Selling Lipservice takes an interesting look at consumerist society that has gone too far, and paints a picture of a rather vapid world based solely on brand affiliation, providing some food for thought and quite a strong judgement of the advertising industry.

I found Selling Lipservice a difficult read. I loved the concept, but the author loves of wordplay and linguistic gymnastics often halted the flow of the story for me. I felt it tried too hard to be seen as a smart read.

Merissa Himraj

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