Book Review – George’s Marvellous Experiments

by Roald Dahl (Penguin) ISBN: 9780141375946

George Kranky has a terrible granny, who is a miserable old bag. He believes that granny is a wicked old witch and decided to create a special potion that will blow off her head. This experiment is the beginning of many awesome discoveries.

Don’t worry. None of these experiments in this book will injure any grannies or witches. But expect some exploding, eruptions and funny smells.

I had my try at some of George’s experiments! It was fun making and eating “The all yellow egg”. Usually my boiled eggs are white on the outside and yellow on the inside- not this time! I even tried my hand at the “Foaming fizzy potion” because in all honesty I had all the ingredients I needed in my kitchen! Safe and simple, these wonderful experiments will keep children busy for weeks, and who knows it might even spark the scientist in you, or your child.

Science is so much fun! This is a great interactive book for you and your children to spend some quality time together while learning and discover what happens when you put an inflated balloon and a hairy head together.

Tammany Barton

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Posted on: 6th August 2017