Book Review – Reacher Said Nothing: Lee Child and the Making of Make Me

by Andy Martin (Bantam Press) ISBN: 9780593076620

The name Jim Grant probably doesn’t mean much to readers of fiction. How about Lee Child? This lanky Camel-smoking, coffee-drinking
author is now on his 20th Jack Reacher novel.

Reacher, his highly popular hero, is a former US military man turns free-roaming investigator and fixer. You’ve probably seen the movie with Tom Cruise … but this isn’t what this book is about.What goes into the creative process of writing a novel?

This book – which will fascinate writers – is a dissection of the approach Child takes in creating his fiction. Andy Martin, a lecturer and author of books on diverse subjects, from Sartre to surfing, shadows the author as he sits down to write his new Reacher title, Make Me. It follows him from page one to the final draft.

Sometimes the text goes off down side alleys to explore issues that are perhaps more interesting to academics than fans of popular fiction. However, the style is very engaging and easy to read. The warmth of the friendship and ribbing between Child and Martin comes off the page.  If you’re a writer, this one is worth a read.

Anthony Ehlers

Posted on: 29th November 2016