Book Review – Own Your Space

by Nadia Bilchik and Lori Milner (Macmillan) ISBN 9781770104549

This is a practical and inspirational tool for every woman working towards owning her space. Whether you are starting your own business, working your way up in your company or taking the journey to improve and boost your career, Own Your Space is exactly what you need. It is a step-by-step guide with tried and tested techniques that work.

Nadia and Lori have provided easy to read tips and tools to help you boost your confidence and master your head space to unleash your true potential. The great thing about this book is it is always in my handbag and ready to pull out to work through as I come across scenarios and hurdles that I need guidance to overcome and conquer. As a young aspiring female entrepreneur, I have found this book to be a page turning mentor and inspirational read.

The great quotes and interviews with South Africa’s leading woman and for-runners in their industries have given me guidance and inspiration to unleash my inner leader confidently.

I believe every woman should take the opportunity to work through this marvellous toolkit in order to own your space.

Tammany Barton


Posted on: 5th June 2016