Book Review – Our Kind Of Traitor

by John le Carré (Penguin Books) ISBN: 9780241975015

Perry Makepiece and his girlfriend Gail Perkins embark on a holiday to the Caribbean, where they meet the enigmatic Dima, a Russian millionaire with a dark past. An unlikely friendship develops between Perry and Dima, and when the holiday is over, Perry finds himself tasked with assisting Dima to get protection from British Intelligence in exchange for crucial information Dima holds around money laundering operations he once ran.

Perry enlists the assistance of British Intelligence, and Hector Meredith and Luke Weaver are assigned to manage the operation and ensure no embarrassment comes to higher up officials who might be implicated by the information Dima holds. Dima himself is a marked man, anxious to secure safe harbour and protection from “The Prince” a vicious criminal eager for Dima’s contact list and information.

What follows is a taut, intricate dance of deception as Perry and Gail find themselves entangled in espionage, plots and schemes to get Dima and his family to relative safety. Never too sure who to trust, Perry finds himself in the middle of a quandary with trying to protect a dear friend and doing the right thing for his country. 

Merissa Himraj
Posted on: 15th August 2016