Book Review – Not Working

by Lisa Owens (Picador) ISBN: 9781509806546


With a wealth of experience in publishing and an MA in Creative Writing, this is Lisa Owens’ first novel. Claire has quit her job in a non-descript London agency to really think about what her true vocation shouldbe.  While her brain surgeon boyfriend seems to be cosying up to his colleague Fiona, Claire finds herself reduced to spending her days scrubbing shower tiles and trying to re-invent her usefulness to her family.

I thoroughly enjoyed Owens’ pithy dialogue and beautiful yet pointed descriptive observations. I also appreciated her capacity for developing warm and humorous characters. I did however have the same problem with this book that I had with Bridget Jones.

There is no real plot, no actual progress and no true reason for a believable happy ending.

Speaking of endings, this was an unexpectedly sudden one.

Justine Cullinan