Book Review – Nombulelo And The Moth

by Susie Dinneen (Puffin Books) ISBN: 978-1-48590-010-8

This is the first published book from Susie Dinneen, a Johannesburg based writer and editor for magazines and advertising. Dinneen captures ideas from her daydreams and brings them to life in her stories.

This is the tale of Nombulelo, who loves to sit on her Gogo’s lap and listen to stories of the forest. Gogo tells her of her own magical encounters with animals but Nombulelo can’t help being afraid to go into the deep green wilderness.

When tragedy strikes, Nombulelo learns that for the love of her Gogo she can be brave. As she sets off on a journey through the forest, she finds magic and healing for the sorrow in her heart.

Maja Sereda is an award-winning children’s book illustrator. Her whimsical illustrations of animals in the forest and people in this book delighted my children and captured their imagination.

Even though this is a gorgeous book for four to eight year olds, my older children (nine and eleven) loved the endearing storyline.

Ewa Fabris
Posted on: 15th August 2016