Book Review – My Not So Perfect Life

by Sophie Kinsella (Bantam Press) ISBN: 978-0-5930-7479-4

Sophie Kinsella has been on my authors-to-read list. It seems I’ve been missing out! My Not So Perfect Life is absolutely delightful.

I guffawed, I cringed (a lot), and I cried (a little). I fell in a love with Cat/Katie/Catherine, the Somerset farm girl desperate to reinvent herself as a super-confident, high-flying London go-getter with the perfect life. Starting at the bottom in the design world, working for the ultra-successful female boss with the ‘perfect’ life/body/wardrobe/home/family seems to be the way to achieve the dream. Until Cat is fired. By this boss.

Her sole objective then becomes maintaining the illusion of her perfect London life – word to the wise, be careful what you put on Instagram!

She ends up back on the family farm, setting up her father’s latest money making scheme – a glamping business. When her ex-boss arrives with her family for a week’s holiday revenge becomes irresistible, with hilarious consequences. On top of that, Alex, her ex-boss’ boss, a man with whom she shared a moment, arrives at the farm with an agenda of his own. A must read.

Liesl Williams

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Posted on: 6th April 2017