Book Review – Murder Games

by James Patterson and Howard Roughan (Century) ISBN 9781780895390

A serial killer is on the loose. The crimes committed against strangers are not connected to each other. His calling card is taken from a deck of playing cards. He is known as The Dealer and is baiting the police force to find him.

Dylan Reinhart, a brilliant professor, has written a book that could implicate him in the murders. Elizabeth Needham, private detective, joins Dylan while they try to untangle the bloody pack of cards. The whole city is under siege and Dylan and Elizabeth race from corpse to corpse, trying to circumvent the Dealer.

Murder Games is a compelling story, written in short chapters, making you feel as if you are reading quickly. In a happier aside in the book, Dylan and his partner, Tracy are allowed to adopt a child from South Africa

Dee Andrew

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