Book Review – More Easy Party Treats For Children

by Janette Mocke (Struik) ISBN: 9781432305598

Have you ever noticed that you can bake gorgeous cakes at any time, but try to bake one the night before your child’s birthday party and then it’s a disaster? You forget the baking powder. The icing melts. It burns. True story, it happens to us every year.

We were thrilled to find this book. It’s a no-bake party book and the ideas are awesome. As in, we haven’t seen it a million times on Pinterest already. And it’s really no-bake.

There are several themes to choose from and they are super easy to make. You get to use cookies and chocolates and gums to make trains, bees, make-up, monsters and all kinds of animals. We wanted to try out some of the ideas. So we let the kids choose a design that they liked. They chose the train and we gave them the ingredients and that was it. See the full story here.

The ideas are easy enough that they could do it all by themselves. They loved building the trains and loved eating them even more.

This is an awesome book to use for parties or just for fun. The kids have listed all the other things they’d like to make. As you can imagine it is a long list. And they have chosen their party themes for the next thirteen years, we’re just wondering how we’re going to explain that some of the themes might not be entirely appropriate for a 21st birthday.

This is the second book in the series and we’ll certainly be buying the first one. All your baking woes sorted. Enjoy!

Mia Botha and Blair Scheepers

Posted on: 25th September 2016