Book Review – Missing, Presumed

Missing, Presumed by Susie Steiner (The Borough Press) ISBN: 9780008123291

This mystery is Susie Steiner’s second novel. Homecoming was published in 2013.

After yet another unsuccessful date from the internet, Detective Sergeant Manon Bradshaw falls asleep listening to the police radio. She hears the control room’s call for a Senior Investigating Office. The location is near her apartment. She decides to get dressed and jog there.

Edith Hind, daughter to Sir Ian and Lady Miriam would appear to have been abducted. As a high risk missing person, there is a lot of media interest. The Cambridgeshire HQ is a hive of nonstop actively. The first 72 hours are critical.

All through the investigation DS Manon fights her own demons. Her biological clock is ticking and she has yet to find Mr Right. The Internet doesn’t seem to be the right place to find him either.

Methodically, Manon and her colleagues follow up on every lead, however trivial or irrelevant it may seem. They have to confirm or rule out any and all possible connections. In a twisted and unexpected turn, all clues start leading back home to the victim’s family, but not before another senseless death.

Maria Vosloo

Posted on: 4th July 2016