Book Review – Minecraft: The Island

Minecraft: The Island by Max Brooks (Century) ISBN: 978-1-780-89774-5

Book Review - Minecraft: The Island

When a lone castaway washes up on a beach and finds himself on an island that is strangely made out of blocks, he needs to find safety in a world full of exploding creepers, skeletons, and hordes of zombies. He also has to find food, protection, weapons and new material with only one companion, a cow called Moo.

To survive he is required to solve this mysterious island’s puzzle while learning to fend for himself. Moo is his only friend and gives him a lot of valuable advice. He starts mining, farming and inventing all kinds of interesting objects. When he gets trapped inside an underground monster cave, things heat up.

As a Minecraft player I did not expect to learn anything from this book, but to my surprise I learnt a lot about survival and creativity. The thing I mostly like about this book is that it is full of life lessons disguised as an adventure book. We should all learn these lessons sooner rather than later.

Janine Kirsten (age 11)

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