Book Review – Middle School Hollywood 101

by James Patterson and Martin Chatterton (Young Arrow) ISBN: 9781784756819

Middle School Hollywood 101 sees the return of Rafe Khatchadorian in yet another fast-paced and funny tween adventure. This time around Rafe’s world is thrown into disarray when new girl Kristen becomes his friend. Rafe is thrilled to finally have someone to share in his adventures, until one day Kristen suddenly disappears from his life.

Then just as suddenly a film crew rolls into town overnight and changes everything. Rafe’s school becomes the location for the new movie, and Hollywood people are everywhere, including lead actress Indie Starr who looks really familiar to Rafe.

When Indie decides to employ Rafe as her assistant, he is thrust into the Hollywood machine. Learning to deal with big egos, crazy demands and Holly-weirdness, Rafe takes it all in his stride. With his drawing abilities coming in handy, Rafe soon is crafting storyboards for the movie, but this could this lead to trouble.

Middle School Hollywood 101 is written with a teenage target market in mind. However, I found its storyline a bit weaker than previous titles in the series.

Merissa Himraj

Posted on: 1st September 2017