Book Review – Magnus Chase And The Hammer Of Thor

by Rick Riordan (Penguin) ISBN: 9780141342559

If you didn’t know, Magnus is the 16-year-old Demigod son of Norse God, Frey. He is alarmed to discover that the Hammer of Thor is missing. The hammer has fallen into enemy hands and can set in motion the end of the Worlds.

Magnus Chase and The Hammer of Thor details Magnus’s dangerous quest. He is joined on his adventure by Samirah the daughter of Loki, Hearthstone a light elf, Blitzen a svartalf and Alex Fierro, a gender fluid child of Loki. Despite his misgivings, Magnus enlists the aid of Loki, a known trickster and troublemaker amongst the gods.

While Loki does lead the group towards the hammer, he also tricks them into releasing him from current prison. Loki then sets in motion a plan that will have dire consequences for Magnus and his friends.

Magnus Chase and The Hammer of Thor is a witty first person account of a fantastical adventure. Recalling all the ancient myths with a modern twist, the book delights with its take on why the Gods behave the way they do.

An enjoyable read for tweens/teens, this is definitely a book that entertains.

Merissa Himraj

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Posted on: 31st May 2017