Book Review – Live Lead Learn

Live Lead Learn: My Stories of Life and Leadership by Gail Kelly (Pan Macmillan SA) ISBN: 9781770105881

Gail Kelly is well known for becoming the first female CEO of one of Australia’s big four banks. She was born in South Africa, where she worked at Perm, which became Nedcor. She has four children, including a set of triplets. She is a true example of a highly successful career woman, wife, and mother who managed to juggle it all.

The book is mainly about the management and leadership lessons she learned and executed throughout her career. She definitely has much knowledge to impart to anyone who strives to be a pioneering leader.

Live Lead Learn is an interesting read, with worthwhile information and advice. I would also love her to write a book where she could give life lessons regarding how she managed to balance work and family successfully too.

Amanda Blankfield-Koseff