Book Review – Kalahari

by Jessica Khoury (Penguin Young Readers) ISBN 978-1-50514-766-0

A group of American teenagers arrive by helicopter in the Kalahari bush. They are disappointed to find ‘Camp Alicia’ has no lodge – just two tents. Stranded without a guide, it’s up to Sarah, the daughter of zoologists, to keep them alive and lead them to safety.

On their way they are attacked by a lion. It is no ordinary lion, but a silver lion. The science fiction elements evoke themes of what happens when humans meddle in nature. Sarah is searching for her mother and father and finally finds them, but just when you think things cannot get worse the impossible happens and you can’t believe how bad things become.

This is a page turner of note and I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat.

Dee Andrew

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