Book Review – It’s Me, Marah

by Marah Teboho Louw (Blackbird Books) ISBN 9781928337379

Marah Louw has been in show business for over 40 years, singing in musicals, bands, cabaret and acting on television.

From an early age she showed talent in singing. Her first big break was performing in Maropa, which toured Japan, and later London. She released a record and some songs became number one on some radio stations. By now Marah was known country wide.

In 1985, she was performing in the musical, ‘My Name is Alice’ when she met Billy Thomson, a Scotsman. When they married, it became front page news as the marriage law had changed by then to allow mixed race marriages in the country.

Marah also performed before Queen Elizabeth in the London Palladium. She did a show for Nelson Mandela, who joined her on stage and danced. These are some of the highlights in her career.

However, being a celebrity is not a fairy tale: Marah suffered through Apartheid personally and professionally. She had some tragedy in her family, and she overcame her personal traumas with courage and determination. A family secret had haunted her for years. She persevered and finally discovered the truth.

It is an easy read, which is full of humour and sometimes tears.

Dawn Blankfield

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Posted on: 28th May 2017