Book Review – I Wonder Who

I Wonder Who by Kerryn Ponter (Struik Children) ISBN 978-1-43230-778-3

I Wonder Who is a sweet short story about the world around us. The book is targeted at toddlers, who are learning the names of animals, what they are about, and what they do.

The book is well-written with lovely colourful images; the words are descriptive, positive and happy. The art work is bright and eye-catching.

Written as it is, with questions and clues, I Wonder Who is smart and insightful. This book is not to teach children how to read, because there are words that my six-year-old son struggled to read, like ‘beautiful’ or ‘butterfly’, but it is for them to enjoy. It made bedtime a pleasure.

I would definitely purchase more of the series, because it was an educational, entertaining, positive reading experience. It is also memorable. After reading the book, my son referred to the clever weaver if he did something smart, and compared his sweets to being sticky like honey.

This book is most definitely an enjoyable read.

Natacia Leaf

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