Book Review – Human Doing

Human Doing by Lauren Wallett (Malva) ISBN 978-0-62070-841-8

Self-help books are very popular. Many of them give the same advice, but the only way they work is if the reader is ready to use some of the tools provided in the books, and if they do not give up at the first obstacle.

This book is focused on ‘doing’. It gives practical ways to identify what the reader’s purpose is, how to stop procrastinating, and to take action to get there. There are sections on authenticity, time management, goal setting, and overcoming emotional barriers.

I find that there are elements of life coaching in the book, but without the actual coach guiding the person through the process and holding them accountable, it will not be an easy journey.

I wish the author all the best as she already uses these methods to be an entrepreneur. She holds workshops in Cape Town too, so perhaps if after reading the book, the process appeals to readers, they can sign up for the face-to-face course to get the ball rolling.

Amanda Blankfield-Koseff