Book Review – How To Murder Your Life

by Cat Marnell (Ebury Press) ISBN 9781785036064

How To Murder Your Life tells the story of Cat Marnell, a once successful 26-year-old beauty editor as she struggles with an addiction to drugs. Cat unashamedly confesses all her drug addiction habits, from ‘doctor shopping’ to being in and out of rehab. An entertaining read filled with humour for such a sensitive topic.

It takes us through Cat’s rollercoaster relationship with drugs. From where it all began, a simple addiction to Ritalin prescribed after she is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, all the way through to taking any and every drug she can find. The story continues to build as she faces one problem after another, a humiliating scene with a particular vice president and an embarrassing episode with her hair.

She shares her paranoia as she battles with a rat infestation, the hallucinations as she continues to see the rat long after its dead. The sleepless nights, self-loathing, and insomnia she goes through. Her family rallies around her as she gets on the road to recovery and struggles to stay clean.

Marnell’s writing is fun to read as it continuously grips you from the complete honesty and humour it promises.

Alicia Sibanda

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Posted on: 6th April 2017