Book Review – House of Robots: Robots Go Wild!

by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein (Young Arrow) ISBN: 9780099568292

This is the second book in the House of Robots series by James Patterson and collaborator Chris Grabenstein (I Funny).

Sammy Hayes-Rodrigues lives with robots. Robots that fly, mop, garden and make breakfast, all built by his computer-science-professor mom. His mom creates E (short for Egghead), a robot that can go to school for Sammy’s sister Maddie, who is housebound by a severe immune disorder.

Sammy has to take E to school with him, and he thinks this is a huge mistake. E turns out to be a hit, both at school and for Maddie. She really loves school through her substitute robot. E is such a hit that an old school friend of Sammy’s mom builds a similar robot that comes to school too. That is when things start going awry for E and Sammy. E suspiciously malfunctions and the situation turns disastrous for the whole family as he goes haywire.

It is up to Sammy to figure out why and save his family from disaster.

The book is full of illustrations by Juliana Nuefeld (Treasure Hunters). My eleven-year-old son found it an exciting read; he finished it in record time.

Ewa Fabris
Posted on: 14th April 2016