Book Review – The Genius Within

The Genius Within by David Adam (Picador) ISBN: 9781509805006

David Adam explores the frontier of cognitive enhancement and poses some difficult if not controversial questions about intelligence. What is intelligence and where is it found in the brain? What if we could increase our intelligence through cognitive enhancement? How do we unlock that extra cognitive level? If science and medicine have enabled us to change our bodies and improve our physical performance, why have we been unable to similarly improve our mental abilities?

Adam’s explores the rise of neuro and cognitive enhancement, which challenges our traditional thoughts on intelligence. He explores how these new techniques are finding ways to make the brain sharper, improved, more focused and ultimately more intelligent. Adams invites his reader on an entertaining journey about a complex topic without the dry and tedious terms one would expect of this subject matter. This is a highly enjoyable read, written in an easy story-telling style.

Nicole Greenstone

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Posted on: 24th October 2017