Book Review – From Playground To Prostitute

by Elanie Kruger with Jaco Hough-Coetzee (Delta) ISBN: 9781928248026

It takes a special kind of courage to bare one’s soul, especially in the way abuse survivor Elanie Kruger does to Jaco Hough-Coetzee. This is why I felt a bit cheated to find that Hough-Coetzee has fictionalised Kruger’s grim account in From Playground to Prostitute.

To be fair, it is made clear on the cover that the book is “based on a true story of salvation”, and this type of treatment does make it a lot easier to read. But, in changing her name for the story, he echoes the way in which she was made to take on a new identity when she was forced into prostitution, leaving me wondering if she has entered a new phase of abuse.

Storifying her ordeal also gives Hough-Coetzee the leeway to make presumptions about her thoughts and motives, and those of her assailants, and the other people she encounters, and these don’t always ring true.

Kruger’s real voice emerges in part two of the book, which accounts for the last 40 pages, and deals mainly with how her newfound religious faith has helped her cope. However, tucked in among this and a few old newspaper articles, she gives some interesting statistics and tips.

Carol Stier
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Posted on: 28th January 2016