Book Review – Fighting The Storm

by Rob Mackenzie (Fig Tree) ISBN: 9780620624701

In Fighting The Storm, Zimbabwean author Rob Mackenzie spins a tale of pride, revenge, broken hearts and second chances.

Young Rod is framed for a nasty prank on his self-centred, beauty queen, stepsister. Even though he had no hand in the malicious act, his stepmother will not listen to reason and banishes him from his family home.

His Dad’s friend John takes him in.  Rod and John develop a strong bond. Rod is given the opportunity of a life time. He learns to fly. Through hard work and determination he gets his commercial pilot’s licence.

During a flight to Johannesburg Rod finds himself in a dangerous situation. He holds the lives of loved ones in his hands. For the first time people see Rod for who is really is. It’s an opportunity for him to set matters right with his parents and his stepsister.

I found Fighting The Storm a quick, easy, and entertaining read, equally suitable to young adults and adults young at heart.

Maria Vosloo

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Posted on: 6th August 2017