Book Review – Entrepreneurship 101

by Joshua Maluleke (Blackbird Books) ISBN: 9781928337164

Maluleke writes the following in the Author’s Note, “The book aims to educate all South Africans about the fundamentals of entrepreneurship while looking at a uniquely South African business environment.” It is this quote that makes Maluleke’s book different from the many imported business books from top international business people. It is written for the South African market by a South African entrepreneur.

Maluleke understands the business landscape. His experience in the business world and understanding of the problems that face South Africa’s unemployment rate is clear. His debut book provides simple and practical advice for any person who would like to own their own business. Maluleke provides advice including how to start a business, researching your market and what type of business to register. The case-studies are helpful and the templates are time-savers.

Entrepreneurship 101 is a short, easy-to-read book but packed with relevant information for any potential business person. It is specifically recommended for the matriculant who has been pounding the pavement looking for a job. Read this book and be inspired.

Ulrike Hill

Posted on: 27th September 2016