Book Review – Eat Right For Your Type

by Dr Peter J. D’Adamo with Catherine Whitney (Century) ISBN: 9781780896731

Detailed and well-researched, this book is an updated diet journal based eating foods according to your Blood Type.

Filled with easy-to-follow methodology and instructions, Eat Right for Your Type addresses the reasons why your current diet may not be working, and offers an alternate approach to nutrition. Sections are clearly separated, making it easy to identify which part of the book you should be focussed on. There is even a handy 10-Day Jump Start plan to get you going.

The recipes and recommendations are all within reason and not too far-fetched. This is one type of book you would purchase if you were serious about your approach to nutrition.

Supported by a range of testimonials that promise encouraging results, this book will appeal to those looking to make a lifestyle change.

Merissa Himraj

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Posted on: 30th May 2017