Book Review – Dunstan

Dunstan by Conn Iggulden (Michael Joseph) ISBN: 978-0-718-18145-1

Book Review - Dunstan

Three brothers, two sons, two grandsons – all kings in the line of ‘Alfred the Great’ and Dunstan has known and served each one.

At a young age Dustan is thrust into the order of Benedictine monks. Yet the tonsure that distinguishes him as a monk can easily mislead. From early on Dunstan has set his sights on greater things and is often determined to go to extraordinary lengths to achieve them.

In an age when a word from the King can mean either promotion or demise, Dunstan knows he needs to be in close proximity to the King. Throughout his life a burning desire for ambition thrusts him closer to the throne, regardless of who occupies it. Yet as is often the case, favour can turn in an instant, and for Dunstan it does.

A rash outburst invokes an even sharper response from the King, and Dunstan is immediately cast into exile across the Channel. But it is not over for Dunstan. He refuses to relinquish his life’s work – the rebuilding of his beloved Abbey – as well as his endeavour for infamy. But can he claw his way back into the King’s court and with that reclaim his former influence?

Conn Iggulden is legendary for a number of historical fiction series. In this stand-alone novel he once again proves himself to be a master of the genre.

Wayne Bouwer

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Posted on: 24th October 2017