Book Review – Dead President Walking

by Zapiro (Jacana) ISBN: 978-1-4314-2432-0

Zapiro’s works are a haven of sanity in a country gone mad. His acerbic wit has me laughing when I would otherwise be weeping or planning dastardly deeds to exact just revenge on megalomaniacal, abhorrent politicians. There are times I just have to believe in a special hell for politicians. Sadly, this need has spiked over the last (long) while.

I found solace in Dead President Walking. The title is particularly apt, and I prophetic today. Pravin Gordhan has been fired. We hold our collective breath to see what (further) damage this will do to the fragile state of our people and our beautiful country. But before I rush out to buy castor beans (to make you know what), I will dip back into this comforting read.

Those elected to office by us to serve us (can someone please explain that simple fact to them!) and fail us miserably deserve to be eviscerated by the pen. Keep handy in the coming days and weeks!

Liesl Williams

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Posted on: 6th April 2017