Book Review – Come And Get Us

by James Patterson with Shan Serafin (Bookshots) ISBN: 9781786530851

Miranda Cooper’s husband, Aaron, works for a big mining company. It seems he may have uncovered some shady dealings – so he, Miranda, and four-year-old daughter, Sierra, are travelling to Arizona to meet up with a judge who can help them. On the trip through the desert, the Coopers’ mini-van is run off the road by a SUV – and the terror starts!

This short novel, part of James Patterson’s new BookShots series, is an adrenaline-ride and survival adventure in this arid landscape. With Aaron injured, Miranda becomes the central protagonist. She has to use her wits, strength, and intelligence to outrun a group of bad guys.

The length of the story makes it an ideal entertainment for a short plane ride or to kill a few hours in your hotel room on a business trip. The plot is vaguely reminiscent of the ’90s movie Breakdown. The writing is sometimes too simplistic and the characterisation is paper-thin – but it fills the gap.

Anthony Ehlers

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Posted on: 6th April 2017