Book Review – Churchill and Smuts: The Friendship

Churchill and Smuts: The Friendship by Richard Steyn (Jonathan Ball) ISBN: 978-1-86842-799 4

When two brilliant minds had the opportunity to work together, it was not surprising that Churchill and Smuts became obsessed with each other. I cannot laud the author of this incredible story enough, for his research on the friendship of these two giants of the Second World War.

This is an easy book to read. Both men were individuals of exceptional intelligence. Smuts, the South African boer, did brilliantly at studying and Churchill, the Englishman, who only made his mark at Sandhurst. Each man was a man of action, unafraid of physical risk.

The only photograph on Churchill’s desk that was not of family, was one of Field Marshall Jan Smuts. Churchill valued his opinion above others and Smuts always told the British Prime Minister exactly what he thought. Smuts was invited to the crowning of Queen Elizabeth, an honour he earned by sticking to his impeccable values.

The author brought Smuts and Churchill to life for me in this easy-to-read book. I shall never forget this wonderful story. Winston Churchill will always be celebrated as a towering figure in history. Jan Smuts’s photograph on Churchill’s desk reminds us of a trusted and enduring friend.

Dee Andrew

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Posted on: 27th September 2017