Book Review – Chizi’s Tale

by Jack Jones (Penguin Random House) ISBN: 9781432307394

Based on a true story, Chizi’s Tale, is a book written by Jack Jones with matching illustrations by Jacqui Taylor. This is a story that engages both the young and the old mind.

In Chizi’s Tale, a baby rhino is found and rescued by two rangers at a certain national park in Zimbabwe. The baby rhino is not in good health. The rangers then decide to alert the national park manager, Colin Saxon, who then takes the baby rhino to his home for safety. The Saxon family fall in love with the baby rhino. They give it the name Chisiwana, Chizi for short. The family enjoys Chizi’s company and get so attached to him. It becomes hard for them to let him go after it has been decided that Chizi is now old enough to fend for himself in the wild.

I enjoyed reading this book, especially the fact that the whole family got so involved in taking care of the baby rhino. It inspires and motivates kindness to animals.

Sinobukhosi Mpofu

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Posted on: 1st September 2017